20th January 2010



It has been a long time coming but finally, Jean Behra and his little Porsche-powered car have won a Formula 2 race. From pole position the Frenchman led all the way and was never challenged. The winning margin of 18 seconds was the sort of comfortable margin with which he had led the race since around lap 15 and although Tony Marsh and Guilio Cabianca gave chase, there was never any doubt about the eventual outcome.

Both Marsh, in his Cooper and Cabianca with the odd-looking OSCA went very well and second and third places were just reward for their efforts, with Marsh getting the upper hand in their battle. Fourth place went to Tim Parnell who had by far his best race of the season with his Cooper. He was followed home by debutant Peter Monteverdi in his Swiss-entered Lotus 12.

A word must be said for Edgar Barth in the little central seat RSK Porsche who went really well and took sixth place at the end following the late retirement of Ivor Bueb's Lotus 12. The other, brand new Porsche driven by de Beaufort also finished but did not run terribly well, probably just too new, and was 4 laps behind by the finish. The other front runner who did not make the finish was Campbell-Jones whose Cooper simply would not rev anywhere near as highly as it had in practice causing the Englishman to fade rapidly down the field, retiring on lap 26.

Here is the full entry for this race.

Cabianca's fastest lap was 1.5 seconds faster than Behra's pole position time while eight of the other eleven runners bettered their practice times during the race.


  1.     7 J. BEHRA BEHRA PORSCHE 1. 04. 14'72
  2.     2 T. MARSH COOPER CLIMAX T.45 1. 04. 33.01
  3.   10 G. CABIANCA OSCA 1. 04. 53'38
  4.     1 T. PARNELL COOPER CLIMAX T.45     49 laps
  5.     4 P. MONTEVERDI LOTUS CLIMAX 12     48 laps
  6.     8 E. BARTH PORSCHE RSK     48 laps
  7.     5 H. ZWEIFEL COOPER CLIMAX T.45     48 laps
  8.     9 C. de BEAUFORT PORSCHE RSK     46 laps
    6 I. BUEB LOTUS CLIMAX 12     45 laps
  11 A. de TOMASO OSCA     14 laps
    3 L. BIANCHI COOPER CLIMAX T.45     11 laps

            Fastest lap: CABIANCA, OSCA on lap 27, 1. 13'52

The same twelve cars will be in Innsbruck for the Preis von Tirol but with one or two driver changes and a couple of extra entries. Two more Coopers are entered for Wofgang Seidel and Andre Guelfi while Gino Munaron is slated to drive the second OSCA rather than de Tomaso, von Trips may replace Barth in the Porsche and Goethals is set to resume his regular seat in the Belgian Cooper. Rumours abound that the organisers of the second Austrian F.2 race in Innbruck next week are trying their best to persuade Rob Walker to bring one of his Coopers along to give Behra some serious competition. They would love Stirling Moss to drive but Maurice Trintignant would be a good alternative.

STOP PRESS: Stirling Moss will be there with the Rob Walker Cooper.

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